TUMG In March

Here’s what’s gonna be going on in March on TUMG!

This Month, In March, ‘The ULTIMATE Moshi Guide is under construction! We still continue to update on most days. Currently there is one author, Rosscp. Raarghly1234 is now a site author. 2009fire15 is the third author requested. 

Right Now the widgets bar is being updated! Also we will be making lots of videos, so make sure you check out Rosscp’s Moshi YouTube – MoshiRosscp. Soon we will have a graphics shop where you can use free graphics that we’ve made with copyright. So you can use them and at the bottom they say (C) Rosscp.

This Week – Widgets/Support Widgets/Graphics/Moshlings/Magazines/Ruby
Next Week – Page Updates/Moshlings/Support Page/ Loads MORE
Coming Soon – April BOTM/MOTM/ROTM’s/

CURRENT Projects Week Commencing 12/3 (3/12)
RIGHT NOW – Choosing Stars – Working on MME
RECENTLY – Making the Pages!
TO DO – Complete the Beasties
DONE – The Beasties’ Moshling Bios

There will be more authors soon! Keep on checking back for more updates! Rosscp!

Welcome to ‘The ULTIMATE Moshi Guide!’


Welcome to The ULTIMATE Moshi Guide (moshimonstersrosscp.wordpress.com)

I will keep you all informed about everything In Monstro City!

I hope you enjoy browsing through the Website!

Please take a look at ‘Moshling Zoo’ moshlingzoo.wordpress.com for all the info, on all the moshlings! Just another Rosscp Moshi Site!

Please Note: This site is being updated 🙂 

Have Fun!!

~ Rosscp ~

Quitting this suite


I’ve got priorities!

I’ve got my priorities. I will be going to be posting on Moshi Monsters Expressway, Moshling Zoo and ‘Moshi Monsters Expressway’s Mightiest Moshling’ websites. Search them up! 😛 So well, I might post. I wont be posting till the middle of may – possibly June

Enjoy your looks – Ross



Series 3 Moshlings Review

Davy Gravy #M01Frettie Facemelt #M02Pluck Shreddington #M03Squint Beastford #M04Squeaky Groanas #M05Geeky Groanas #M06
Eeky Groanas #M07Broccolli Spears #M08 Ultra Rare49 Pence #M09 Ultra Rare
Banana Montana #M10 Ultra RareHerman Crab #M11Colonel Catcher #M13 Ultra Rare
Cluekoo #M12
Gabby #25Nipper#108 Ultra Rare
Bug #M14
Ratty #M15Art Lee #M16Agony Aunt #M17Shrewman #M18Clutch #M19Roland Jones #M20Myrtle #M21Lenny Lard #M22

#M01 ~ Davy Gravy
#M02 ~ Frettie Facemelt
#M03 ~ Pluck Shredington
#M04 ~ Squint Beastford
#M05 ~ Squeaky Groanas
#M06 ~ Geeky Groanas
#M07 ~ Eeky Groanas
#M08 ~ Broccoli Spears RARE
#M09 ~ 49 Pence RARE
#M10 ~ Banana Montana RARE
#M11 ~ Herman Crab
#M12 ~ Cluekoo
#M13 ~ Colonel Catcher RARE
#M14 ~ Bug
#M15 ~ Ratty
#M16 ~ Art Lee
#M17 ~ Agony Aunt
#M18 ~ Shrewman
#M19 ~ Clutch
#M20 ~ Rowland Jones
#M21 ~ Myrtle
#M22 ~ Lenny Lard
#025 ~ Gabby
#108 ~ Nipper ULTRA RARE

Moshi Magazine ~ Issue 1: Review

Moshi Monsters Magazine UK/International Issue 1:
Review by Rosscp

Publishing Dates: February 17ᴛʜ – March 16ᴛʜ 2011
Codes (1): Gold Plated Moshi Mag Cover
Codes (2): Moshi Bandz Wallpaper
Multi-Use Codes: None
Free Gifts (1): 6 Card Pack of Moshi Monsters Mash-Up Series 1
Free Gifts (2): Moshi Bandz Mini 3-Pack (2)
Poster (Side 1): ‘Moshi Monsters Magazine’
Poster (Side 2): Buster Catching Roxy.
Cost: £2.99
MonSTAR Of Month: 
Downloadable: Full Magazine (PDF) – March 2012
Avaliability: moshimag.com (Mag Only) – March 2012
Special Features : First Ever Issue; Blingo Reveal; Beasties Moshling Zoo;

Magazine Cover                              Issue 1 Pack

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